Helpful Tips

Drawers That Stick

Apply soap or candle wax on the runners at the bottom of the drawers. They will then slide easily.


Rubbing soap or wax on screws will make them easier to screw in.


Sandpaper lasts longer and works better when the paper backing is slightly moistened before wrapping it around a block of wood.

Squeaky Doors

Spray the hinges with cooking spray.

Small Nails

When you are knocking in small nails, place the nail between the teeth of a comb.


To remove paint from your skin use olive oil instead of turpentine. Besides moistening your skin, the olive oil softens the paint, making it easier to remove.

Scratches In Wood

To eliminate scratches in wood tables or chairs, use a combination of a half-cup of vegetable oil and one cup of lemon juice. You'll also get a beautiful shine!

Cutting Rubber

Dipping your scissors in water first will make cutting rubber much easier.

Loose Screws

To tighten loose screws, remove the screws and stick a toothpick or kitchen match into the hole and break it off. Put the screw back in.

Paint Odor

Make paint odor disappear by leaving a container of vanilla open overnight. One teaspoon of vanilla per gallon of paint.

Unpleasant Odors

A half of glass of white vinegar left in a room gets rid of unpleasant odors from couches, beds, curtains, clothes, in twenty four hours.

Vacuum Your Refrigerator

In order to keep your refrigerator running at optimal performance and use less energy to keep your food cold, vacuum the dust and lint that accumulate on the condenser coils at least every six months. The condenser coils are the little “fins” that help the refrigerator dissipate heat from the running of the motor and are located adjacent to the motor either at the top or bottom of the refrigerator depending on the model.

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